Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aura_KasihShe wears the complete costume first !

Aura_KasihThis is her first kemben,awesome huh ?

A Javanese-style kemben is just match with her...

Kemben those open Javanese Custom often used by our celebrities to show their marvelous breasts. Dewi Persik, Tafana Dewi and now Aura Kasih. It is OK as we are as men only hoping those kemben fall-down and show-off the real flesh within....

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  1. my name is yuli eko nugroho,a man .gue normal tau..

  2. Ohh... i am so sorry, as your name is female-like, thought that you are a girl :)

    Where do you live yuli ?

  3. jakarta,send me your email

  4. :: Yuli ; You know I can't spread my email to anyone in the net..otherwise there will be a doom on my inbox, why don't we chat trough this comment form ?

    :: Kijil : Good for what mate ?


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