Monday, April 20, 2009

AngieClose my face up!

AngieAs a teen whore with SMU uniform!

AngieShe's ready to fuck now!

AngieShe wants you boys!

AngieOpen up...yess!

Hurry up,she can't hold any longer!

She get famous with Ardina Rasti and Bella Cynthia for the low-moral of Porn Movies called by Virgin. Again, some Bastard Indian Movie makers ruin the Indonesian Films Quality ! While Bella getting famous more and Ardina get a new field as a singer...this Angie got nothing ever, or we do not know ?

Her last appearance was shown in some TV comedy-slapstick called a cameo only...poor her...

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  1. hati hati kalo nulis berita
    apalagi kalo ngga tau apa apa tentang orangnya!
    she's my sister.
    dia emang ngga se-famous ardina rasti dan laudya cintya bella, tapi dia tetap bersinar dengan kebaikkan dan kelembutannya tuh..
    yaa, mungkin kamu ngga ngerasain itu, tapi kita yang kenal jauh lebih baik dari kamu, tau itu
    itu foto pribadi dia, jangan seenakknya dipublikasi dong..

  2. Well, for what we know she plays a porn movies, so we can see how she is...


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