Saturday, February 9, 2008

Her name is so Sundanese, but she is Arab descent. Take a look at her light moustache and her camel-nose. This argument is supported as some days Ago, in Thukul TV show's empat mata, presented Dhini and her mom, and anyone actually can acknowledged easily that her mother is Arabs. Why she's got no family name as Alaydrus, Alatas or even any others hadra maut family names ?

The right possibility is her father is not Arabs !

That's a rare condition, as when you are Arabs' male you can married the other race easier then Arabs' female. As you brings the family names, so the family-tree will grow forever....And this case, the Arabs is female, Dhini's mom, most likely they were dumped by their big families as they kill the family tree. They are not Jama'ah (The Arabs family inner circle, pure decedents) anymore, they are just Demi-Arabs semi-pribumi. Whatever it is, we concern on Dhini's face only, she's adorable right ? Altough the body is less feminine or the toket is only a few, but hell...lovely face is numero uno...yeah baby !

The loyal Dhini....

Dhini_AminartiI can loyal to my mom but not to my boyfriends

Dhini_Aminartias you can see, I wear 'you-can-see' clothes today

Dhini_Aminartiit means you can see anything you want

Dhini_Aminartibut as proverb says, no such free-lunch in this world !

Dhini_Aminartiyou pay me I give you....

Jomblo - Dhini Aminarti

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  1. dhini, kamu manis bangettzzz!!!emang minta dibayar berapa???aku mau dunk, minta nomer hpnya ya, plz!!!!

  2. Thank much you have ?


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