Friday, February 8, 2008

She was Aji Pangestu's wife, but fell in love as we known by CINLOK syndrom with Arabs Movie star, Sultan Djorghi....before that she was gang-banged when she was in Junior High by Ari Sigit and got a girl , and now being treat as Mbak tutut's daughter....

All her bad lucks turned her to face-off her name by Annissa Trihapsari instead of Annisa Tribanowati. As banowati itself means the wife of Lesmana, the lame Kurawa's....while Hapsari means Diva. But lookslike her fortune is not changed yet....some muthafucka get her private photo like below ones...

Itchy Stratchy !

Annisa_tribanowatiAll equipments must be well prepared!

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