Tuesday, March 2, 2010

niken-anjania Renoir panic face!

niken-anjaniI see Nikita Willy there...

niken-anjaniDizzy with beauty!

niken-anjaniread my lips!

niken-anjanior my V!

niken-anjanidon't forget to smoke always!

niken-anjaniand karma will follow you!

niken-anjaniSilverlake, a heaven on earth!

Have you get to Silverlake, Washington boys ? I tell you what, it was amazing there..full of Americans ( so what ? ) and I can smoke around freely ( come to Indonesia then ).

That's what Niken Anjani trying to say to you all guys, she needs a man that could bring her along the world..as that's her primary hobbys. a jopuirney to the deepest part of the wildest world, after cigarette of course...

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