Tuesday, February 23, 2010

leyrarey-lesesneguess where is it guys...

leyrarey-lesesnea silky princess...

leyrarey-lesesnenice legs!

leyrarey-lesesneI see Titi Kamal there!

Just call her Ale, instead of leyrarey lesesne,o therwise you'll get your tongue mixed-up ! Ok who the hell is she ? She's some newbie tries to get her luck by playing on 'C' movies. The movies called as '18+'. What in the hell does it mean ? Yeah..18+ means, you can do whatever you want, without any concerns again from your parents.

Such as, smoking, drinking, sex, masturbating...that's all the messages on the 18+ movies, no wonder Wulan Guritno allies with the drugs giant, Sampoerna to have their campaiogn to Indonesian youth to start smoke as many as you can.

In fact, Wulan Guritno herself, plays a significant role as Masturbating girl...wow, what could be better guys ? May God bless on us...

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  1. cuantik tenaaaaaannn.

    numpang pasang link blog.


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