Friday, August 7, 2009

Ingrid KansilVote me to better Indonesia!

Ingrid KansilDo you see the meaning of blue?

Ingrid KansilThat's why our Party wins...

Ingrid KansilThanks for vote me...

Ingrid Kansil is the complete women, she's charm, she got power (whether comes from her husband or herself as an legislative member) and she's gorgeous !

But to achieved all taht achievement, she really has a lot of burdens, she converted to be a Moslemah from a Catholic, married a native widower instead of Chinese-blood male...that's a lot of burdens being achinese women in Indonesia.

But time tells, she goes trough for all that burdens, just like an old saying, there's a silver line in every dark clouds !

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  1. wah..wah....sdh masuk ke anggota dewan.....INGAT PEGANG MANDAT RAKYAT.....jangan KORUPSI....BAIK WAKTU ATAUPUN YANG LAINNYA..APALAGI DUIT....HARAM..HARAMMM...Banyak artis di SENAYAN....jangan - jangan jadinya seperti SINETRON anggota dewan terhormat....ha...ha...ha....


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