Friday, December 12, 2008

Yellow boobs!

farah_quinnKambing Jantan need a huge milk!

farah_quinnWhen toge and tocil standing together!

farah_quinnShe proud of her big boobs, we proud either!

farah_quinnHoney due and water melon!

farah_quinnServed with warm milk ala chef !

farah_quinnPink Bikini is always fit with good boobs !

farah_quinnWet Boobs is always fit with TV's camera !

Farah Quinn,don't be mistaken, Quinn coming from her husband's family name, not her fathers. As when you are looking to her face, she's totally native Indonesian, but if you starring at her boobs, that's not Indonesian for sure....a silicon or maybe a 'vivid interactive' size !
Lunch's ready to all !

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