Friday, August 8, 2008

We believe in love!

Sissy_Priscillaand a pink hot girl!

Sissy_Priscillaa lolita queen is OK !

Sissy_PriscillaYoung,fresh and gorgeous, that's her

Cintapuccino - Sissy Priscilla

Sissy Priscilla, another bule in Indonesian celeb zone ! Believe me this Bule is different, she smile always ! Not like other bules, you know, bule doesn't so familiar with smiling culture like us, pribumi !

The only saddest thing from Sissy is, she is now the girlf of Arab Freak, Rifat Sunkar ! Shit ! Even he got a really cempreng voices, but with his huge dick, what can we do ? dick rules !

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  1. Sissy, gimme your smile to Indonesia honey...she need it badly ....


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