Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smoking is my hobby!

zaskia_adya_meccaSo what ? Millions out there are smoker ? Why me ?

zaskia_adya_meccaI'll do it with my man, Hanung

zaskia_adya_meccaHe said, I'll get my next cast If i follow his rules

zaskia_adya_meccaMas Hanung,your cock is on fire !...oops ! I'm sorry...

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Zaskia Adya Mecca,even Dien Syamsuddien urged Hanung Brahmantyo to get her in role for the big-bang movies "ayat-ayat Cinta". Lookslike Dien a lil bit slip of his mind, as she's a heavy smoker ! Smoking girls usually also a liberal girls, it means she sleeps matter what.

What Indonesian need to learn is, do not se what your idol wears, but see what she does....


  1. Aduh biyung....siapa lagi dong artis yang agak bener ?

  2. zaskia kepoto ngerokok ya..., manusia tak ada yang sempurna, menurutku zaskia tetap yang terbaik.

  3. zaskia tetap yang terbaik

  4. Thank you, at least there's still one person knowing my position now !

  5. to be honest, i wouldn't really mind about her smoking, but what really is disturbing (regrettably,) is that she's still in her headscarf while doing that! why couldn't she just do it at somewhere else and in a discreet manner? because that kinda images would only tarnish Islam image in the eyes of the non-Moslem...

  6. Lho..emangnya kalo pake jilbab nggak boleh ngerokok?? ngerokok itu nggak haram koq...

  7. Alhamdulillah Zaski udah brenti, dengan keyakinan bahwa memang rokok haram, terimakasih atas perhatiannya anyway...:P



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