Friday, June 6, 2008

Say cheese!

Masayu_AnastasiaHoney pls come...

Masayu_AnastasiaAm I cute...?

Masayu_AnastasiaMake it fast or you'll die...!

Masayu_AnastasiaI said FASTER morron...!

Masayu_AnastasiaIt's done now...!

Masayu_AnastasiaMy leg too...!

Masayu_AnastasiaI said FASTER morron...!

Buruan Cium Gue - Masayu Anastasia

Who don't know Masayu Anastasia ? The hot stripper is about to have a tatto, what's the sign anyway? It's a cow, cow is the English name for LEMBU.....

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  1. Is she got a very2 private tattoos ? In her private area ?


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