Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is she a Javanese Noble or what ?
Why ?
She wears BRA on her BRA Mooryatie Soedibyo...
Nope, she's Bataks....she's Nasution..
And why she got BRA ?
Of course, she's a chick you know....a chick with a transparent !
What ? What do you mean by transparent noble name ? As far As I know BRA is a short of Bendoro Raden Ayu...or Her Highness.... she wears a transparent BRA, hmm...that costume to protect her breast...understand ?
Oh..that lovely thing...I know it for sure brotha...:P
OK just take alook on her...:P

VJ_Marissathis is to ease Daniel....

VJ_MarissaDaniel prefers to suck my bra then my t*ts....

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