Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's common in Indonesia, when you starting your first level of being celebrities to try Dugem (literally known as Night Life) around hedonism-atmosphere of Jakarta. Going to rave,smoking deeds, using drugs and free sex to mention some. You guys know Ratu Felisha, Azhari sisters,Nia Ramadhani and so on, they are a bunch of Hedonist we have.

Is there any of Indonesian Actress doing the good way instead of those stuffs ? Yes, although only a few but yes there is the good one. Reva is one of them....This Melayu breeding (see the S.Temat ? It is Sayuti Temat, a Melayu family name ) a humble and beautiful lady.

Good for you Reva...

Revalina_S_Tematwhite beauty

Blue sapphire

Revalina_S_TematGlasses in fresh

Galaxi TV9 - Revalina S Temat

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  1. Gorgeous inside out! Always luv this gal!

  2. geulis pisan si eneng teh...

  3. on last pic she looks alot like marshanda,agree?


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