Monday, January 14, 2008

One day in Senayan City ...

SPG : " Good day miss you doing ?"
MR : "Doing well I guess...thanks for asking.." she keeps walking...
SPG : "You look so beautiful today miss Mona, ..."
MR : " Thanks.." keeps walking
MR :" Do you know that we just havce our newest collection, even Rakhee Punjabi doesn't have it yet.."

Stop walking and start to curious....

MR : " tell me about it..." Gotcha !
SPG : " This is the limited edition coutoure-hand-bags for socialite especially the good-looking one like you miss...and we have special rate for you of course.."
MR : And how much for such special price ?"
SPG : "It's cheap just IDR 36 M, from IDR 50 M as the initial rate..."
MR : " Ok wrap it for me.."

OMG, she got a lot of money fellas...for 36 million for hand-bags...Masya Alloh...her man must be the king of money..I tell you what, it's so heavy to have this cute woman as your wife...

Mona_RatuliuI think yes she worth to buy !

Mona_RatuliuDo you agree guys ?

Cute - Mona



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