Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Who says a beautiful face only for a handsome man ? Remember the HC Andersen's Ugly duck ? Well looks like this Ugly 'male' duck has landed...and crushed all the witch's a hot date with the beautiful princess keket....what a lucky duck !

First, eye contact !

Catherine_WilsonSecond, lips contact!

Catherine_WilsonThird, going to bed !

Catherine_WilsonAfter Orgassm !

Catherine_WilsonShe's hot ! u should try her sometimes !!

Catherine_WilsonKet, do you mind for 2nd round ?

Catherine_Wilsonwhy not ? C'mon mas....

Catherine_WilsonU look tired hon,let me touch yer nice cheek first....

Lewat Tengah Malam - Catherine Wilson

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