Tuesday, December 11, 2007

She is available to any guts and guys now !
Look at her, what could be worst than a long black hair, a white silky complexion and a red-rose lips ? Are you ready to pursuit her ? If you are, just consider this fact : SHE graduated from Senior High school in 20's ! It means she got no brain but beauty only, just like Julie Estelle !

Shandy_AuliaReady to Rumbleee...!!!

Apa Artinya Cinta - Trailer



  1. WhAT The 'f ' ?!!! Graduated in 20's, what was she doin' so far ?

    Hell, don't give a da*n on her brain, BEAUTY RULES !

  2. Begilah yang namanya cantik,sungguh mempesona gua yakin kalo cewek indonesia kaya elo semua....gua engga tau apa yg mesti gua ungkapin selain diam dan terus memandingin cewek yg satu ini...good luck.

  3. Betul bos !

    Wajahnya Indo banget, mulusnya itu lho ga tahan ! Tapi sepintas kaya si oneng ya ?

  4. waaah...manizzz bangettts
    ampe ngiler nich dedde kecil gue

  5. Wow paha lo... pingin jilatin jadinya si kecil langsung berdiri mikirin yang iya-iya aja

  6. wow pahanya, jadi pingin ngejilat, n si junior langsung siap tempur nih bayaningin yang iya-iya

  7. what a sexy bitch .. .. .

    Ni cewek gila bener....

  8. there's nothing wrong with graduating HS at 20...

    your english sucks, but you can still attract many people to visit your blog..

    hmm... what's wrong with this picture?

  9. ...heheh look who's talking, you got your elementary english my man...junior high eh ?

    no problemo with this pic, only she got no brain, that's all...


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